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Your Blast Box: Product Overview

Charging Your Device

Blast Box can be charged through any microUSB cable connected to a powered source. The battery will allow you to broadcast for ~3 hours on a single charge. We suggest plugging your device in while broadcasting.

RCA Audio Input

Blast Box will capture audio from any source through the RCA input in the back of the device.

Headphone Monitoring and Volume Knob

The headphone jack on the front of the device can be used to monitor playback and ensure that audio is being captured through the device properly. The volume knob raises and lowers the headphone monitoring volume, but does not effect the capture and broadcast volume.


Red button - Press and hold to turn on and off device, press once to start and stop a broadcast.
Cream button - Press to see your device's battery level, press again to see your WiFi strength, press again to see the user that is paired to the device.

How to pair Blast Box to Blast Radio app and connect to Wifi:

Before attempting to pair, make sure you have downloaded the Blast Radio app and created a profile.
1) Press and hold the red power button to turn on device
2) The device should say "Setup Mode"
3) Open your Blast Radio app and tap the broadcast icon (top right)
4) Choose 'Set up device'
5) Select your Blast Box
6) Choose your WiFi and enter password
Your device should now be paired. It will automatically restart and and say 'Ready' then you will be able to broadcast on Blast Radio.
Moving forward, you won’t need your phone to broadcast. The device will remember your username and password so you can simply press the red button.
To connect the device to a different account and/or a different WIFI network, make sure Blast Box is off, hold down the red button until it enters setup mode, and repeat the steps above.

How to broadcast with Blast Box: 

1) With your device on, paired, and connected to WiFi, press the red button to start broadcasting.
2) A timer will count down from 3 then start broadcasting live.
3) Press the red button again to end broadcast.
* While broadcasting, the listener count is displayed in the top center of the device.
* The device will also display a counter showing how long you have been broadcasting.
* The display will flash red when someone joins your broadcast, sends you a tip, or sends you a 'vibe.'
After your broadcast, you can unpublish or download the file by swiping left on the broadcast from your artist profile.
Make sure to read our broadcasting best practices, click here.

How to update your Blast Box firmware:

  • First make sure you have the latest version of the Blast Radio app by going to the app store and checking for any updates / installing
  • Put Blast Box in Setup mode (hold the red button to turn it off, then hold it again to turn it back on, but continue holding it until the device says ‘Setup mode’)
  • Go to your profile in the Blast Radio app
  • Tap the gear icon on the top right to access ‘settings’
  • Tap ‘account’
  • Tap ‘update firmware’


- To make sure the device doesn’t fail mid-update, you will need a good uninterrupted internet connection. It may take a few attempts to successfully complete the update as a result. We recommend restarting the router and disconnecting other devices before trying.

-While updating, your blast box will display “FW Update” pulsing on the screen. If the text does NOT pulse or stops pulsing, the update has frozen and will not complete. If this happens, you will need to restart the process by long pressing the red button to turn off the device and again to turn it on again in pairing mode.

-The device may not show any error messages if it abandons the update, so make sure to check that the firmware has successfully displays “FW 1.1” on startup to confirm that you have successfully updated the firmware, otherwise reattempt.

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