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Broadcast what you want, when you want, as often as you want.

Blast Radio is your space to experiment and be creative. Broadcast studio-quality, live audio with one button.

All content expires after 24 hours so it’s a low pressure way to experiment and play anything you want without worrying about it existing forever.

Audio is captured in lossless and streamed to the listener in highest available sound quality.

Artist broadcast examples

Jam Session

Animal Collective invited listeners to join a rehearsal live from Drop of Sun Studios.  

Venue Performances

Matthew Dear broadcast his Movement Festival DJ set live TV Lounge in Detroit.

Request Radio

Roy Molloy hosts a daily 'Drive Time Power Hour' request radio show.  

Debut Material

Teen Daze debuted a new single, Swimming, on Blast Radio.

Outside the Box

Alex Olson guided listeners through a meditative deep dive into Box Breathing.


DJ BRS and Surgeon celebrated their anniversary by narrating a recording from the night they met.  

How to broadcast

Blast Box

Blast Box is a portable hardware device that lets you broadcast studio-quality, live audio content to the Blast Radio app with a single button. Simply connect Blast device to any audio source and press the button to instantly broadcast over WiFi.

Blast Radio plugin

The Blast Radio plugin lets you broadcast to the Blast Radio app directly from your digital audio workstation. Simply install the plugin, log in, and click the button to broadcast.

Broadcaster Features in the app

Build a following

Invite your fans to follow you on Blast Radio and they will be notified every time you broadcast.

Make tips

Listeners can tip you directly through the app then you can easily transfer funds to your personal bank account using Stipe.

Download and reuse your broadcasts

You maintain full ownership of broadcasts. Easily download them from your profile and reuse them for whatever you choose.

Request an invitation to the Blast Radio VIP artist program

We love finding broadcasters that are passionate about building community and sharing what they create and love.

As part of the the Blast Radio VIP artist program, artists receive a complimentary device and/or plugin and a dedicated Blast Radio artist relations rep to help them get started and make the most of the platform.

Due to high demand, there are limited slots available.