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At Blast, our mission is to help creators be heard and fans listen together.

Being heard is a fundamental human need. And people want to listen. A century of radio has proven that.

Social platforms create community and connection -- especially between creators and their audience. Yet today, most all social platforms are built for visual media -- photo and video content.

Why? Because creating quality audio content is hard.

Phone recordings sound like voicemails, professional equipment is expensive and cumbersome, and everything in between gets lost in the shuffle of memes, models and e-gamers on platforms built for visual media.  

In a time where devices and screens consume our every waking minute, we need a break. A chance to sit back and listen.

Blast removes the barriers of live audio creation and consumption. So creators can be heard and fans can listen.

Blast is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY -- long time home of a vibrant and ever-changing creator community -- and run by a team of musicians and artists with a deep passion for audio.