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Roy Molloy - Breaking the Law and Getting Away With It

“Illegal Radio” may have begun as a joke but it quickly became an institution. When not playing saxophone or cutting deals with Alex Cameron, Roy Molloy can be found on the Blast Radio airwaves taking requests and connecting the masses with the sounds and inspiration they’re craving most

Shigeto - Lifting Up a Passed Down Tradition at Spot Lite Detroit

Shigeto’s presentation of Evocation, a series of performances that took place on September 4th at the Spot Lite Detroit. Beginning with a solo harp performance by Ahya Simone, the night progressed with two sets featuring the full band comprised of legendary alto saxophone player, bandleader, and mentor Vincent York, Marcus Eliot on tenor saxophone, Ian Fink on keys, Josef Deas on upright bass, the great Dez Andrés on percussion, and Shigeto behind the kit.