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Using QR Codes to Promote your Blast Radio Profile & Streams

Using QR Codes to Promote your Blast Radio Profile & Streams

As a Blast Radio streamer you automatically get a unique URL specific to you – blastradio.com/YourUsername. 

If someone has the app and clicks on it, they will be taken directly to your profile. If they don’t have the app, they will be taken to a web player specifically about you – and be encouraged to download the app and follow you. 

The unique URL is a great tool for promotion. A good way to get more value out of the link is by turning it into a QR code. Read on for more info!

4 Tips for Getting More Tips

4 Tips for Getting More Tips

We frequently hear that Blast streamers love the platform simply for the joy of being able to share what they love – music, thoughts, political musings, guest callers, and more. 

That said, making some cash along the way certainly doesn’t hurt. 
That’s why we created Fan Mail – a unique take on tipping where listeners can send you a personalized message with a financial token of their appreciation for your stream. 

If you're not seeing the tips roll in just yet, don't fret... here are 4 tips to help you fill the tip jar. 

Promote your audio streams with visual audiograms

If you’re a streamer on Blast Radio (or thinking about becoming one) then you likely know that audio is your superpower. You’re able to harness the power of sound to capture your audience’s attention – be that through your voice, your music, captured sound, or otherwise. That said, you’ve likely also got a presence on visual platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter – networks where you’ve built a following and stay in touch with your audience through photo and video. Audiograms are the perfect tool for merging those two worlds – highlighting a portion of your audio content in a visually appealing way.

Turn your Blast Radio stream into a podcast

One reason creators love Blast Radio is that streams are only available to listeners for 24-hours before they expire. The ephemerality of the platform creates a low-pressure environment to share audio without worrying about it being perfectly planned out, polished, and edited.  That said, those low-pressure streams often turn out really great – and when they do, you will likely want to get more life out of them. One easy way to do that is by turning them into a podcast. Read on for examples of folks already doing this, why it works, and how to do it.

Blast Radio Tag Stations

Today, we’re excited to release Tag Stations in the free Blast Radio mobile app.  You can now follow the #Tag for any specific broadcast category you like (#Jazz, #Comedy, #hiphop, #news) to have a station created on your homepage, which only features broadcasters using that tag. Soundtrack the moment by tuning in to a station that matches the mood.